Basic Implant Surgery Kit GDC

GDC Dr.Kumarswami Basic Implant Surgery Kit

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Dr.Kumarswami Basic Implant Surgery Kit GDC

• Basic Implant Surgery Cassette includes below given instruments :-

  1. Single End Probe EXSXL #4
  2. Marking Probe POW6 #4
  3. Explorer EXD5 #4
  4. M.M. Handle W/Scale and Top
  5. London College Plain DP2
  6. B.P Handle With Scale 10-130-03E #4
  7. Iris Curved Scissor S18
  8. Needle Holder Olsen-Hegar NHOH
  9. Castroviejo curved Scissor S33
  10. Gracy Curette Premium SG11/12 #6
  11. Gracy Curette Premium SG13/14 #6
  12. Periotome S/3 PIS3
  13. Surgical Curette Lucas CL86 #4
  14. Bone Caliper BC15
  15. Metal Suction ASPCT3
  16. Depth Measurement PCP1301
  17. Periosteal Elevator Kramer-Nevins PKN1


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