Filay Dent Filpin Pin Bender

Filay Dent Filpin Pin Bender

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  • 99.8% Pure Titanium
  • Long and slim
  • Pilot hole drill head
  • Easy to bend after insertion

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FILPIN has been design engineered to be faster and easier to place even in difficult cases, safer to place by reducing the risk of tooth cracking and crazing, and stronger in use via its unique ‘retentive’ thread.

To enhance the retention of all types of restorations to dentin. Compared to using resin bonded amalgam only, FILPIN can increase the retention of restorations to dentin by around 3 to 5 times.

Features :-

  • 99.8% pure titanium bio compatible, will not corrode, compatible with all dental materials.
  • Self-shears first time, every time once optimum depth of 2mm reached.
  • Self-threading, self-aligning shaft to make placement faster, easier and safer as reduces the risk of cracking and crazing.
  • Long and slim for better visibility during placement, also helps pin to self-align.
  • Unique ‘retentive’ thread maximizes retention strength without causing the internal stresses which can lead to cracking or crazing.
  • Easy to bend after insertion without breaking the pin or tooth.
  • Pilot hole Drill Head.
  • Limited at the shoulder so pilot hole is drilled to the exact depth (2mm).
  • Colour coded with pin for ease of selection.


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