J Morita Root ZX II Apex Locator
J Morita Root ZX II Apex Locator
J Morita Root ZX II Apex Locator
J Morita Root ZX II Apex Locator

J Morita Root ZX II Apex Locator

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DentaPort ZX II – For perfect endodontics

Unique module system that includes apex locator and handpieces for canal preparation as well as optional handpiece for light-curing functions. Several automatic control functions ensure safe and comfortable treatment.

  • High-Precision – by the ratio of 2 different frequencies
  • Upgradeable – you can start only with the Root ZX module, which can be upgraded to the canal enlargement functions 
  • Several automatic control functions 
  • Programmable

Root ZX II by Morita is a 3rd generation electronic apex locator that was invented in 1992. It has grown to become the world’s best selling apex locator, setting the industry for accuracy and patient safety. It was the first apex locator to be able to work in wet canals. The measurements made using Root ZX II are not affected by the presence of blood, electrolytes or other discharges. The patented technology incorporated into this device offers an accuracy rate of 97.5%. The display of the apex locator is user-friendly and large enough, making it easy to read. The apex locator exactly corresponds to the tactile sensation of using the file. Recordings from the meter displayed on the screen are virtually mirrored by the action of using actual files. The automatic calibration offered by this device allows real-time assessment of the location of the endodontic file inside the root canal. The additional features of the Root ZX II include no zero adjustment, battery power indication, and automatic power off function

An optional upgrade, The OTR Module, is available with the Root ZX II. The OTR Module enables the unit to function as a low-speed handpiece, an apex locator and as a combination of both. This makes it the perfect endodontic solution to carry out root canal procedures. The OTR Module snaps easily onto the unit and offers a unique 90-degree auto torque reverse and file advancement feature. It ensures excellent cutting efficiency with lesser stress on the rotary file, which reduces the chances of file separation and instrument fracture.


The use of Root ZX II is indicated in determination of the working length while carrying out endodontic treatment.

Features :-

  • Large Colour LCD Screen: With its large LCD colour display, the Root ZX II apex locator gives high contrast with clear progressive display.
  • Auto calibration: With the Root ZX II apex locator, any changes affected by moisture, temperature etc inside the canal can be eliminated while ensuring accuracy, even while treatment is in progress.
  • No-Zero Adjustment: The apex locator works perfectly fine even without setting the readings to 0 before measurement of any individual canal.
  • Accurate measurement: With Morita Root ZX II apex locator’s ratio technique, file’s location can be detected to a high level of accuracy. This measurement accuracy is unaffected by absence or presence of blood, hydrogen peroxide, tap water, saline, electrolytes or other discharges.
  • Upgrade option to Low Speed Handpiece with the help of OTR module

Key Specifications :-

Main unit Weight              : Canal Measurement Module Approximately 370 g

Power Consumption       : 0.135 VA (with battery operation)

Rated Current                    :  max. 0.03 A (with battery operation)

Rated Voltage                     : DC 4.5 V (with battery operation)

Dimensions                         : Canal Measurement Module
                                                     115 ± 20(mm) x 105 ± 20(mm) x 105 ± 20(mm)

Warranty :-

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Packing :-

  • 1x Root ZX II Canal Measurement Module
  • 1x Probe Cord,
  • 3x File Holders
  • 5x Contrary Electrodes/Lip Clips
  • 1x Function Tester
  • 3x AA Batteries


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