Filay Dent Kenda Polishette
Filay Dent Kenda Polishette
Filay Dent Kenda Polishette
Filay Dent Kenda Polishette

Filay Dent Kenda Polishette


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Filay Dent Kenda Polishette :- 

  • Powerful green Removers for fast removal and contouring .
  • Versatile red Smoothers for smoothing and silky shine
  • Diamond-filled violet Shiners for ultra-high shine

Filay Dent Kenda Polishette – Removers – Pack of 30 Pcs

  •  For fast removal and contouring

Filay Dent Kenda Polishette- Smoothers – Pack of 30 Pcs

  •  For smoothing and silky shine

Other applications:

  • Removal of excess resin or cement after bracket removal. This is done without damaging enamel
  • Polishing enamel and removal of extrinsic stains

Filay Dent Kenda Polishette – Shiners – Pack of 15 Pcs

  •  For Ultra-High Gloss

Filay Dent Kenda Polishette – Removers :-

  • Features green colored MiniCups and MiniPoints
  • Powerful coarse-gritted polishers for exceptional abrasive performance
  • Removes excessive material faster than most conventional polishers
  • Perfect for forming the final shape during restoration
  • Easily refine the margins: quickly eliminate sharp transitions from restoration to enamel
  • Blend abrupt irregularities on the restoration surface

Filay Dent Kenda Polishette – Smoothers :-

  • Features red colored MiniCups and MiniPoints
  • Enables the removal of scratches and surface defects that are created by finishing instruments, or for use after using the green Removers
  • Creates a beautifully smooth surface with a silky gloss
  • Ideal solution for polishing restorations in a single step when a ultra-high shine is not quite necessary
  • Perfect for preparation of rough surfaces in aesthetic areas for subsequent high luster polishing with Shiners

Filay Dent Kenda Polishette – Shiners :- 

  • Features violet colored MiniCups and MiniPoints
  • Diamond impregnated
  • Allows you to achieve a sensationally high shine in a matter of seconds
  • Recommended for the use on all restorations that require a highly aesthetic finish
  • Shiners should be applied on defect-free restoration surfaces
  • Use Smoothers before if you need to correct surface defects

The Shapes

The Polishette mini shapes are smaller and much more agile than most conventional polishers. This allows for superior access and precision. You’ll be able to provide your patients with the expert shaping and shine that they desire. As a dentist, you’ll also enjoy your job much more since these tips will enhance the ease of polishing. No longer will you have to fight with a large or dull tip to complete polishing.

Below are only a few examples of possible applications. Abrasive particles are equally embedded throughout both shapes, so the Polishette tips can be used at any possible angle.

The MiniPoint is ideal for easy access to occlusal fissures. Here, the red colored Smoother is being used to remove scratches and create a silky shine, in the fissures.

The MiniPoint can also be used for buccal fissures. Above, the green colored Remover is being used for final contouring of the fissures.

Using the MiniPoint for precise work close to the gingiva. In the picture we see an ultra-high luster being achieved with the violet colored Shiners. This creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance in the anterior surface.

Using the MiniPoint for approximal surfaces: Here, we see an ultra-high luster being achieved with the violet colored Shiners. This creates a beautifully shiny anterior surface.

Using the MiniPoint on lingual surfaces. Pictured above, we see the red Smoothers being used to create a silky shine polish.

The MiniCup is shown above being used for approximal surfaces. The smoothing and silky shine polishing is being done with the red Smoothers.

The MiniCup can also be used on the occlusal cusp surfaces. The green Remover is being used in order to bring the cusp into its final shape.

The MiniCup also works well with large surfaces. The violet Shiner is shown being used to create a highly lustrous surface on the anterior surface of the tooth.

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