GDC Austin Cheek Retractor With Handle TRA
GDC Austin Cheek Retractor With Handle TRA

GDC Austin Cheek Retractor Regular TRA4

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GDC Austin Cheek Retractor Regular TRA4

Austin Retractor is used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, cheeks, lips, and tongue away from the surgical area.

Used to displace soft tissues to improve vision and access and to afford them protection during oral surgical procedures. Gaining access to the surgical site is of prime concern in surgeries like the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, removal of cysts or tumors, surgeries involving upper or lower jaw bones, etc. In order to have the needed visibility, dental surgeons use Austin retractors.These are L-shaped instruments with one working and one non-working end. The working end can be shaped like a half moon, can be forked, or can be of a regular rectangular pattern. These retractors are used such that soft tissues like cheeks, lips and the periosteal flaps are displaced away or retracted from the surgical area. The periosteal flaps are those tissues that are incised and raised in order to expose the underlying structures. The L-shape helps in better handling of the instrument.

Directon to use :- 


Must clean after every use with warm water to remove blood, tissues, and mucus from the instrument ultrasonic cleaning is recommended for all instruments specially articulated instruments such as forceps, rongeurs, use only standard and reputed brands of disinfectant solutions.

Warranty :- 6 months against rust 


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