Chandler Chisel 5mm GDC

GDC Chandler Bone Chisel 5mm CC7

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GDC Chandler Bone Chisel 5mm CC7

5mm wide Bone Chisel to cut, carve and excise bone tissue

GDC Chandler Bone Chisel 5mm CC7

Used to scoop bone and make trough.With depths grade To cut and shape bone. The surgeon can use a surgical mallet or hammer to manually impart an impacting force to the proximal end of the instrument. The distal end (the cutting or shaping edge) is sharp and can be flat or curved (concave)  also known as a hollow blade] in design. It has an ideal-sized shaft that allows better grip and performance.

Direction to use :- 


  • Must clean after every use with warm water to remove blood, tissues, and mucus from the instruments.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning is recommended for all the instruments specially articulated instruments such as forceps, rongeurs, etc.
  • Use only standard and reputed brands of disinfectant solutions

Warranty :- 6 months against rust 


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