GDC Coupland Root Elevator E2C

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GDC Coupland Root Elevator E2C

Coupland elevator for luxation of tooth roots and third molars

GDC Coupland Root Elevator E2C

GDC Root Elevators Coupland Standard (E2c) are essential dental instruments designed for tooth extraction procedures. They feature a standard configuration suitable for various tooth extraction needs. These elevators are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. They are utilized as levers during tooth extractions, facilitating the gentle and effective removal of teeth from their sockets. The Coupland Standard elevators are a trusted choice for dental professionals, offering precision and reliability in tooth extraction procedures. Coupland root elevators are designed primarily for the elevation and extraction of teeth, especially in cases where the tooth’s root is firmly lodged in the socket. They are often used in procedures involving lower molars due to their unique shape, which allows for effective access and elevation in tight spaces.


  • Reflect mucoperiosteal membrane
  • Luxate, remove teeth that cannot be engaged by forceps
  • Remove carious or fractured roots
  • Loosen teeth prior to application of forceps
  • Split teeth which have grooves cut into them
  • Remove intra-radicular bone

Direction to use :-


  • Ensure the patient is comfortably seated and adequately prepared for the extraction procedure.
  • Administer local anesthesia to provide pain control and comfort.


  • Maintain a clean and dry field by using appropriate dental dam or isolation techniques around the tooth scheduled for extraction.

Select the Right Elevator:

  • Choose the GDC Root Elevator Coupland Standard (E2c) appropriate for the specific tooth being extracted.


  • Securely hold the elevator’s handle, ensuring a firm and comfortable grip.
  • Carefully position the pointed tip of the elevator between the targeted tooth and the surrounding bone.


  • Apply controlled and gentle pressure to the tooth’s root using the elevator’s tip.
  • Utilize a gentle rocking and twisting motion to help loosen the tooth within its socket.


  • Once the tooth is adequately loosened, employ dental forceps to grasp and remove it from the socket. Ensure complete root extraction.

Post-Extraction Care:

  • Administer any necessary post-extraction care, including achieving hemostasis and applying sutures if required.
  • Provide the patient with post-operative instructions for proper healing and aftercare.

Cleaning and Sterilization:

  • After use, meticulously clean the GDC Root Elevator Coupland Standard (E2c).
  • Sterilize it following the recommended dental instrument sterilization protocols to maintain optimal hygiene and safety standards.

Warranty :- 6 months against rust 


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