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GDC Filling Instruments Set of 12 pcs

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GDC Filling Instruments

Instruments for condensing and packing of restorative materials


GDC Filling instruments FIS12 :-

  1. Single End Probe EXS6XL
  2. Spoon Excavator EXC19H
  3. hBall Burnisher BB22/23
  4. Plugger PLG2
  5. Plugger PLG3
  6. Plastic Filling PF2
  7. Margin Trimmer MT28H
  8. Margin Trimmer MT29H
  9. Enamel Hatchet CP53/54
  10. Diamond Shape Carver CVFR2/3H
  11. Hollenback Back Carver CVHL3S
  12. Ward Carver CVWR1S

Description :-

Package Contents: Set of 12 Instruments
Filling Instruments includes below given instruments:-

  • Single End Probe EXS6XL: The dental diagnostic probe with the single end is used with its sharp point to enhance tactile sensation and to determine the presence.
  • Spoon Excavator EXC19H: Spoon Excavator is used for cutting and removing the carious dentine of a decayed tooth.
  • Ball Burnisher BB22/23: Restorative dental burnishers are used to contour and smooth new amalgam fillings and to polish composite fillings. Smooth rounded edges make burnishers the perfect tool for ensuring there are no irregularities on the surface of the filling.
  • Plugger PLG2 /Plugger PLG3/:  Plugger used to pack filling materials into cavity preparations.
  • Plastic Filling PF2: Composite and plastic filling instruments, also known as placement instruments, are designed for placing and contouring pliable restorative materials into cavity preparations and other dental procedures. These instruments generally have rounded ends that help in applying restoratives without damaging sensitive tissue.
  • Margin Trimmer MT28H/ Margin Trimmer MT29H/: Margin Trimmers, also known as gingival margin trimmers, are restorative cutting instruments used to cut enamel and produce a bevel on enamel margins. These dental instruments have slightly curved blades with sharp beveled cutting edges to provide mesial or distal access into the preparation.
  • Enamel Hatchet CP53/54: It is a beveled or single beveled cutting dental hand instrument having its cutting edge in line with the axis of its blade. It is used for breaking down tooth structure undermined by caries, smoothing cavity walls, removing unsupported enamel, and sharpening line and point angles.
  • Diamond Shape Carver CVFR2/3H: They are used for carving amalgam and resin composites.
  • Hollenback Back Carver CVHL3S: Hollenback carver is a double-ended, round handle dental instrument used for placing, carving, and contouring amalgam.
  • Ward Carver CVWR1S: Ward’s carver is a double-ended, round handle dental instrument used for placing, carving, and contouring amalgam.

Direction to use :-


  • Filling instrument ends should be gently wiped with an alcohol-saturated swab/gauze immediately after use. This minimizes thin layers of composite from building up after use and extends the life of the instrument. The instrument should be then cleaned & sterilized as recommended.

Warranty :- 6 months against rust 

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