Filling Instruments GDC

GDC Filling Instruments Set of 12 pcs

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GDC Filling Instruments 

Used for condensing and packing of restorative materials.

GDC Filling instruments FIS12 :-

  1. Single End Probe EXS6XL
  2. Spoon Excavator EXC19H
  3. hBall Burnisher BB22/23
  4. Plugger PLG2
  5. Plugger PLG3
  6. Plastic Filling PF2
  7. Margin Trimmer MT28H
  8. Margin Trimmer MT29H
  9. Enamel Hatchet CP53/54
  10. Diamond Shape Carver CVFR2/3H
  11. Hollenback Back Carver CVHL3S
  12. Ward Carver CVWR1S


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