GDC Beal Periosteal Elevator BEAL1

GDC Beal Periosteal Elevator BEAL1

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GDC Beal Periosteal Elevator Beal1

GDC Beal1 Periosteal Elevator Beal1

For reflecting and retracting the mucoperiosteum after incisions of the gingival tissue

  • Periosteal Elevator is an oral instrument commonly used to retract soft tissue in dental procedures.
  • It has a sharp, pointed, narrow end that is used to begin the process of lifting the mucoperiosteum and a slightly wider, more rounded end that completes the tissue removal enough for bone exposure.
  • Both tips are thin and slightly curved.
  • The #9 Molt periosteal elevator is one of the most commonly used instruments in oral surgery.

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