GDC Typodonts Teeth
Typodonts Teeth
Typodonts Teeth
Typodonts Teeth
GDC Typodonts Teeth
Typodonts Teeth
Typodonts Teeth
Typodonts Teeth

GDC Typodonts Teeth For N Type

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Artificial tooth specially made for practice of cavity preparation and crown cutting by undergraduate and postgraduate students of dentistry worldwide.

  • High quality
  • Replaceable

GDC Typodonts Teeth Nissin Type

A typodont is an educational tool for dental and hygienist students, allowing them to practice certain dental procedures on the plastic teeth of a model before actually performing the procedures on live patients. Generally, typodonts have replaceable, screw-in teeth that are composed of materials that allow students to drill cavity preparations and fill them with restorative material, such as amalgam or composite, or prepare the plastic teeth for crowns and bridges.

The naming convention is according to FDI World Dental Federation notation.

Packing :- 1 Unit

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Maxillary 1st Incisor 11 no., Maxillary 2nd Incisor 12 no., Maxillary Canine 13 no., Maxillary 1st Pre Molar 14 no., Maxillary 2nd Pre Molar 15 no., Maxillary 1st Molar 16 no., Maxillary 2nd Molar 17 no., Maxillary 3rd Molar 18no., Maxillary 1st Incisor 21 no., Maxillary 2nd Incisor 22 no., Maxillary Canine 23 no., Maxillary 1st Pre Molar 24 no., Maxillary 2nd Pre Molar 25 no., Maxillary 1st Molar 26 no., Maxillary 2nd Molar 27 no., Maxillary 3rd Molar 28no., Mandibular 1st Incisor 31 no., Mandibular 2nd Incisor 32 no., Mandibular Canine 33 no., Mandibular 1st Pre Molar 34 no., Mandibular 2nd Pre Molar 35 no., Mandibular 1st Molar 36 no., Mandibular 2nd Molar 37 no., Mandibular 3rd Molar 38no., Mandibular 1st Incisor 41 no., Mandibular 2nd Incisor 42 no., Mandibular Canine 43 no., Mandibular 1st Pre Molar 44 no., Mandibular 2nd Pre Molar 45 no., Mandibular 1st Molar 46 no., Mandibular 2nd Molar 47 no., Mandibular 3rd Molar 48no.


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