GDC Molt 9 Large Periosteal Elevator P9

GDC Molt 9 Large Periosteal Elevator P9

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GDC Molt 9 Large Periosteal Elevator P9

Periosteal Elevator Molt-9 to detach the periosteum

GDC Molt 9 Large Periosteal Elevator P9

GDC Periosteal Elevator Molt-9 Large – 1 (P9)

Used to elevate and detach the periosteum (membrane of fibrous connective tissue tightly surrounding bone) from the underlying bone by a pushing action usually applied along the longitudinal axis of the bone.

Periosteal elevators are mainly used to lift full-thickness soft tissue flaps. The tips require protection and need to be kept very sharp otherwise shredding of the flap can happen. The most common types in use are double-ended Molt P9 but also Molt 2 and Molt 4.


  • Use to raise gingival tissue at the cervical region which is to be detached for the extraction of teeth.
  • To raise the flap during periodontal and oral surgery.

Direction to use :- 

  • Prepare the Patient: Ensure that the patient is appropriately positioned and adequately anesthetized for the procedure. Establish proper infection control measures.
  • Select the P9s Elevator: Choose the GDC Periosteal Elevator Molt-9 Large (P9) for the procedure. Ensure that it is clean and sterile.
  • Inspect the Instrument: Examine the P9s for any defects or damage before use. If you find any issues, do not use it and obtain a replacement.
  • Position the Patient: Position the patient’s head and mouth in a way that provides clear visibility and access to the surgical site.
  • Gently Lift the Periosteum: Hold the P9 like a pen, with a firm but gentle grip on the handle.Carefully insert the curved and tapered tip of the elevator beneath the periosteum (the thin membrane covering the bone) at the surgical site.Use slow, controlled motions to lift and separate the periosteum from the bone. This step allows better access to the underlying bone for the intended procedure.
  • Monitor Tissue Response: Pay close attention to the response of the periosteum and surrounding tissues. The goal is to minimize trauma while achieving the desired elevation.
  • Complete the Procedure: Once the periosteum is adequately lifted and access to the bone is established, proceed with the specific dental procedure, whether it’s dental implant placement, bone grafting, or another surgical task.
  • Sterilize: Clean instruments and Sterilize after use.
  • Post-Operative Care: Provide post-operative instructions to the patient, including any necessary medications and follow-up appointments.

Warranty :- 6 months against rust


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