Ochsenbein Chisel GDC
Ochsenbein Chisel GDC

GDC Ochsenbein Chisel 1 Premium Handle CO1

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GDC Ochsenbein Chisel 1 Premium Handle CO1

Ochsenbein Periodontal chisel is used for reshaping and recontouring alveolar bone during periodontal surgical procedures

GDC Ochsenbein Chisel 1 Premium Handle CO1

Description :- 

The GDC Ochsenbein Chisel – 1 (CO1) is a type of dental instrument used in oral surgery and periodontal procedures. It is part of a set of periodontal chisels designed for specific purposes in periodontal surgery and other dental treatments. These chisels are named after the Swiss dentist Otto Zsigmondy Ochsenbein, who was known for his contributions to oral surgery instruments.The GDC Ochsenbein Chisel – 1 (CO1) is commonly used in periodontal surgery for procedures such as osteoplasty (reshaping bone) and osteotomy (cutting bone). It is essential to have proper training and experience to use these instruments effectively and safely.

Direction to use :- 

  • Patient Preparation: Ensure the patient is comfortably positioned and has undergone the necessary anesthesia for the procedure.
  • Sterilization: Before use, ensure that the GDC Ochsenbein Chisel – 1 (CO1) is properly sterilized according to dental infection control protocols to maintain a sterile and safe environment.
  • Visualization and Planning: Carefully examine the treatment area, and plan the surgical or periodontal procedure accordingly.
  • Holding the Chisel: Grasp the handle of the Ochsenbein Chisel – 1 (CO1) firmly but comfortably, ensuring a stable grip during the procedure.
  • Cutting Technique: Position the beveled edge of the chisel against the target area (e.g., bone or tissue). Use controlled and precise pressure to create the desired cut or shape. The cutting motion may vary based on the specific procedure and treatment goals.
  • Support: During the procedure, provide adequate support to the treatment area, using fingers or other instruments if needed, to ensure stability and prevent unintended damage.
  • Post-Procedure Care: After completing the surgical or periodontal procedure, provide appropriate post-procedure instructions to the patient for oral hygiene and care.

Warranty :- 6 months against rust 


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