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GDC Offer Package Premium with Trolley Bag Free

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GDC Offer Package Premium Set for New Clinic Setup

  1. Tooth Forceps Set of 12 Premium
  2. Root Elevators Set of 9 Premium
  3. Peedo Extraction Forcep Set of 7 Premium
  4. Crown Remover Premium
  5. Impression Tray Set of 8
  6. Composite Instruments Set of 6
  7. Surgical Instruments Set of 10
  8. PMT Set of 3 Premium

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GDC Offer Package Premium with Trolley Bag with 8 Items

1.GDC Extraction Forceps Premium Kit EFPP12 includes:-

  1. Upper Anterior FX1P
  2. Upper Premolar FX7P
  3. Lower Premolar FX13P
  4. Upper Molar Right FX17P
  5. Upper Molar Left FX18P
  6. Upper Root FX51AP
  7. Upper Third Molar FX67AP
  8. Lower Molar FX73P
  9. Lower Root FX74NP
  10. Lower Molar FX86P
  11. Upper Molar Right FX89P
  12. Upper Molar Left FX90P

2.GDC Root Elevator Premium Set of 9 REPP9 in pouch includes :-

  1. Flohr E1FP
  2. Flohr Left E2FP
  3. Flohr Right E3FP
  4. Cryer Left E31P
  5. Cryer Right E32P
  6. London Hospital E20HP
  7. Coupland EA1CP
  8. Winter Cryer Left EWC12LP
  9. Winter Cryer Right EWC12RP

3.GDC Extraction Forcep Peedo Premium in pouch EFPPP7

  1. Upper Anterior FX5CP
  2. Upper Premolar FX4CP
  3. Upper Molar FX6CP
  4. Upper Root FX7CP
  5. Lower Premolar FX1CP
  6. Lower Molar FX2CP
  7. Lower Root FX3CP

4.GDC Automatic Premium Crown Remover CRP

  • 1 x Crown & bridge remover CRP
  • 1 x Tip Cr1
  • 1 x Bifid tip Cr2
  • 1 x Sickel tip Cr3
  • 1 x Angle tip Cr4
  • 1 x Inverted curved tip Cr5
  • 1 x Straight tip Cr6
  • 1 x Bridge remover Flexi wire set Cr7
  • 1 x Bridge remover tip with lock Cr8
  • 1 x Tip adjustment key Cr9
  • 1 x Open-end adjustment wrench Cr10

5.Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated in pouch

  1. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Upper ITRLDPU1
  2. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Upper ITRLDPU2
  3. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Upper ITRLDPU3
  4. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Upper ITRLDPU4 
  5. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Lower ITRLDPL1
  6. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Lower ITRLDPL2
  7. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Lower ITRLDPL3
  8. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated  Lower ITRLDPL4

6.GDC Composite Instrument GOLD Titanium set of 6 CIGS6

  1. GDC Composite Instrument Gold Titanium CIG1
  2. GDC Composite Instrument Gold Titanium CIG2
  3. GDC Composite Instrument Gold Titanium CIG3
  4. GDC Composite Instrument Gold Titanium CIG4
  5. GDC Composite Instrument Gold Titanium CIG5
  6. GDC Composite Instrument Gold Titanium CIG6

7.GDC Surgical Instruments  Kit of 10 SISP10 instruments :-

  1. B.P Handle 10-130-5em
  2. Needle Holder Mayo Hegar NHMH
  3. Artery Forceps
  4. Iris Scissor Straight S17
  5. Iris Scissor Curved S18
  6. Moon Probe P13M
  7. Surgical Curette Lucas
  8. Bone Rongeurs
  9. Periosteal Elevator P9
  10. Bone File Miller

8.GDC PMT Permium Kit PMTP4

  1. Single End Probe EXD5 
  2. London College Tweezer DP2
  3. M.M Handle With Top



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