Oral Surgery Impaction Kit GDC
GDC Impaction Box
Oral Surgery Impaction Kit GDC
GDC Impaction Box

GDC Oral Surgery Impaction Kit


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GDC Oral Surgery Impaction Kit OSIP22
Available in Pouch & Box


Oral Surgery  Impaction  includes instruments :-

  1. B.P Handle 10-130-5em
  2. Periostesl Elevator P9
  3. Surgical Curette Lucas CL88
  4. Bone File BF52
  5. Osteotomes Bone Chisel OSS6520S
  6. Root Tip Pick Left EHB2
  7. Root Tip PIck Right EHB3
  8. Warwick James Straight EWJS
  9. Frazier Suction ASPFR4
  10. Cryer Right E31
  11. Cryer Left E32
  12. Heath Scissor S25
  13. Tissue Forcep Adson TP42
  14. Needle Holder Mayo-Hegar NHMH
  15. Austin Cheek Retractor TRA4
  16. Mosquito Straight H4
  17. Backhaus TC5
  18. Elevator London Hospital E20H
  19. Coupland EA1C
  20. Bone Rongeurs R1A
  21. Periosteal Elevator Howarth PH
  22. Mouth Prop MP3

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  1. 5 out of 5

    This is what I was looking for and they delivered me next day, excellent service and best instruments.

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