Perio Surgical Cassette GDC

GDC Perio Surgical set of 12 with Cassette

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GDC Perio Surgical Set Of 12 With Cassette PSIWC12

GDC Perio Surgical Cassette includes instruments :-

  1. Peridontal Probe POW6 #6
  2. Suction Tube ASPCT3
  3. Scaler Towner Jaquette S204S #6
  4. Tissue Plier Gerald Straight TPG1
  5. Tissue Plier Gerald Curved TPG2
  6. Casteroveijo Scissor Curved S33
  7. Surgical Curette Lucas CL86 #4
  8. B.P Handle 10-130-5em #4
  9. Periosteal Elevator Benque PBQ #6
  10. Corn Suture Plier Premium SP20 
  11. Needle Holder Mayo-Hegar NHMH
  12. Tissue Holding Forcep Adson TP42


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