Rubber Dam Clamp Set # RDCOB11 GDC

GDC Adult Rubber Dam Clamps Set of 11 with Holder RDCOB11

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GDC Adult Rubber Dam Clamps Set of 11 with Holder RDCOB11

GDC Adult Rubber Dam Clamps Set of 11 with Holder RDCOB11

Used to anchor a rubber dam down to the cervical region of an exposed tooth. This device comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs for various situations.

Features :- 

  • Comprehensive Set: The set includes 11 rubber dam clamps, offering a variety of options for different tooth types and locations, ensuring versatility in dental procedures.
  • Specialized Design: Each clamp is intricately designed to cater to specific tooth types, providing a secure and comfortable fit during rubber dam placement.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with precision and durability, the clamps are made from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of dental procedures.
  • Organized Storage: The set comes with a convenient clamp holder, facilitating organized storage and easy accessibility of the clamps during procedures.
  • Enhanced Infection Control: Rubber dams aid in infection control by isolating the treatment area, preventing contamination from saliva and other oral fluids during restorative and endodontic treatments.
  • Improved Visibility: The use of rubber dams enhances visibility by providing a clear and dry operating field, allowing for better precision during dental procedures.
  • Optimal Moisture Control: Rubber dams effectively control moisture, creating a dry environment essential for various dental applications, including bonding and cementation.
  • Patient Comfort: The specialized design of the clamps ensures a secure fit without causing discomfort to the patient, contributing to a positive dental experience.
  • Ease of Use: The set is designed for ease of use, allowing dental professionals to efficiently select and apply the appropriate clamp for each tooth.

Packing Rubber Dam Clamps:-

  • 1 x RDC2A
  • 1 x RDC3
  • 1 x RDC4
  • 1 x RDC12A
  • 1 x RDC13A
  • 1 x RDC14A
  • 1 x RDC201
  • 1 x RDC202
  • 1 x RDC205
  • 1 x RDC210
  • 1 x RDC211



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