GDC Spencer TC Straight Scissor

GDC Spencer TC Straight Scissor

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GDC Spencer TC Straight Scissors

Available in 2 Sizes :- 

  1. 10.0 cm Straight Scissor S3483
  2. 13.0 cm Straight Scissor S3484

GDC Spencer TC Straight Scissor

Available in 2 Sizes :- 

GDC Spencer TC Straight 10.0 cm Scissor S3483
GDC Spencer TC Straight 13.0 cm Scissor S3484

GDC Spencer Scissor is used for different purposes, such as cutting of the gums, sutures or bandages. With smooth or toothed/serrated blades and pointed or beveled tips for specific different surgical purposes.

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Straight 10.0 cm, Straight 13.0 cm


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