GDC Upper Anteriors FX1 Extraction Forceps

GDC Upper Anterior Extraction Forceps FX1


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GDC Upper Anteriors Extraction Forceps

Upper Anterior Extraction Forceps with close-fitting blades.

Standard Handle FX1S
Premium Handle FX1P
Ergonomic Handle FX1E



GDC Upper Anteriors Extraction Forceps

Description :- 

The GDC Extraction Forceps Upper Anteriors – 1 Standard (FX1S) is a dental instrument designed for the extraction of upper anterior teeth. It features durable stainless steel construction, precision-engineered beaks for a secure grip, and a non-slip handle for enhanced control and comfort during use. This forceps is specifically designed for upper anterior teeth, providing effective extraction results. It is autoclavable and easy to clean for optimal infection control. The FX1S forceps are a reliable tool for dental professionals to safely and efficiently extract upper anterior teeth.

Direction to use :-

  • Prepare the patient: Ensure the patient is seated comfortably in the dental chair. Administer local anesthesia to numb the area surrounding the tooth that requires extraction.Provide appropriate dental dam or cotton rolls to isolate the working area.
  • Select the forceps: Choose the GDC Extraction Forceps Upper Anteriors – 1 Ergonomic (Fx1S) specifically designed for upper anterior teeth.Inspect the forceps for any damage or defects before use.
  • Evaluate the tooth: Assess the position, mobility, and any complications associated with the tooth.Determine the appropriate approach and technique based on the tooth’s condition.
  • Grasp the tooth: Hold the forceps in your dominant hand with a firm but comfortable grip.Position the beaks of the forceps around the crown of the tooth, ensuring a secure grip.
  • Apply controlled pressure: Apply gentle pressure on the tooth using the forceps, directing the force towards the root of the tooth.Utilize a rocking motion to loosen the tooth from its socket.
  • Exert extraction force: Gradually increase the force while maintaining control and stability.Apply consistent and controlled force to extract the tooth from the socket.
  • Remove the tooth: Once the tooth is sufficiently loosened, lift and remove it from the socket using the forceps.Ensure a steady grip to prevent any accidental damage or displacement.
  • Inspect and clean: Examine the extracted tooth to ensure it is intact and free from any fragments.If necessary, clean the extraction socket with an appropriate irrigating solution.
  • Provide post-extraction care: Offer post-extraction instructions to the patient, including guidelines on oral hygiene and potential discomfort management.Schedule a follow-up appointment, if required, to monitor the healing process.

Warranty :- 6 months against rust 

Standard Handle FX1S
Premium Handle FX1P
Ergonomic Handle FX1E

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